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Botox does a lot more than just fix wrinkles.

San Diego Botox is the premier Botox network in San Diego county, specializing in assisting Botox patients to locate the right Botox service provider nearest to them.

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Cosmetic Botox

Cosmetic Botox is used for the temporary smoothing of glabellar lines (also called frown lines), which are the lines between your eyebrows that can make you look tired, unhappy or angry.

It is FDA-approved for this use and in this area only. However, it is often used for horizontal forehead lines, crow's feet, marionette lines at the corners of the mouth and smoker's lines around the lips.

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Botox doesn't just fix wrinkles.

San Diego Botox

Dental Botox

Dental Botox injections for dental and facial pain can help relax the facial muscles to provide simple and effective relief from chronic pain. Relaxing the facial muscles can greatly reduce muscle contractions that cause migraines and other types of facial pain.

Botox can last up to three to four months, is relatively inexpensive when compared to alternative invasive treatment or surgeries, and is absolutely painless. It’s a quick in-and-out visit or can be combined with your regular dental visit.

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San Diego Botox providers and specialists are located throughout San Diego county.

San Diego Botox is a network of highly qualified medical specialists that are here to assist you in facilitating your Botox needs. We are a one-stop solution for Botox in San Diego.


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